about us


the address of fashion…

we created our brand by using the first two letters of our brand’s first production items, the coat (manteau) and the heart of fashion, paris and we established a family business in 1969.

we promote our boutique concept and have become the address of fashion by developing our principle of combining a generation’s worth of experience and heritage with the excitement of our first day and including this in our unique designs.

we offer designs for women who are elite, follow fashion closely and want to develop a unique style to feel special.

we prepare our collections in collaboration with global suppliers who share our dedication to high quality and with our parisian design teams based in paris who follow the latest trends. we produce in our workshops in istanbul with the particularity of tailors as a boutique and introduce the collections to fashion lovers instantly with the world.

in our boutiques, we offer designs most suitable for you in combinations created by our sales representatives trained at the mapa academy and by listening to you. by respecting your wishes and ideas; we work to make you feel unique and with this understanding, we train our staff and maintain your satisfaction in every branch.

for us, classiness and style is a mood, fashion is entertainment. the secret of the mapa style is in wearing designs that make you look good and feel comfortable.

in order for you to spoil yourself with mapa designs in the mapa world, we are inviting you at our boutiques…